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10 Best Online MBA Programs for Career Advancement in the UK

Now more than ever, online education trends are becoming a norm and it is cutting across all sectors and levels of education and the MBA is not left out. If you wish to study in the UK from any part of the world, there are some of the best online MBA programs in the UK you should look out for. These awesome programs can help you learn and work at the same time.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best programs that can help foster your career growth. These programs are accredited and have a track record of academic excellence. Furthermore, they are like supercharged courses designed for professionals. They will give you the skills and knowledge you need to do well in the business world.

Best Online MBA Programs in the UK for Career Development

1. Warwick Business School – Distance Learning MBA

Warwick Business School (WBS) is part of the University of Warwick, located in Coventry, England. People know it for its prestigious business education and research. The school offers a variety of business programs, including the Warwick MBA, which includes an option for distance learning.


The Distance Learning MBA at Warwick Business School typically takes two to five years to complete, allowing for flexibility to balance work and study commitments.

Program Overview

Students of this program receive lectures primarily online, with the opportunity for optional face-to-face events. The online platform includes interactive elements such as group discussions, case studies, and live sessions. Also, you can choose from a range of elective modules to tailor your MBA experience to your career goals. Common specializations include finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategic leadership.

Warwick Business School is accredited by AACSB International. The school has also consistently ranked among the top business schools globally. For instance, it came first in the UK and second worldwide on the Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2023. These feats make it one of the best online MBA programs in the UK.

In line with its global recognition, Warwick Business School has a strong international focus. Hence, providing students with a global business perspective. The program often includes case studies and discussions that reflect the challenges and opportunities in the global business environment.

2. Imperial College Business School – Global Online MBA

Imperial College Business School is the graduate business school of Imperial College London, a world-renowned science and technology-focused university. The Business School offers an MBA program which it calls the Global Online MBA.


The Global Online MBA spans between 21, 24 or 32 months. It is a part-time program that accommodates working professionals.

Program Overview

MBA at Imperial College Business School costs £45,700. Here, students receive the program online, using a combination of live sessions, recorded lectures, and interactive online discussions. The design of the online platform facilitates collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds. Specializations or elective courses such as finance, entrepreneurship, and leadership are also available.

This online MBA program may include residential workshops that provide opportunities for students to meet their peers and engage in face-to-face learning experiences. These workshops often take place at Imperial College London or other global locations.

Not only is the Imperial College Business School accredited by AACSB International, but it also holds global recognition. For instance, it came second place in QS Online MBA rankings 2023 in Europe. It also came third place on the Financial Times Online MBA rankings 2023. Hence, it is among the best online MBA programs in the UK.

3. Alliance Manchester Business School – Global Part-time MBA

Alliance Manchester Business School is part of The University of Manchester and offers an MBA program. Aside from its campus in Manchester, it also has centres in Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.


The online part-time MBA runs for 18 months to 24 months for each academic set.

Program Overview

The MBA program at the Alliance Manchester Business School has a full-time option and two online options. The online programs are Global MBA, A highly flexible part-time MBA and Global Executive MBA, An executive part-time MBA for a closed cohort of the most senior candidates. There is also a Finance Accelerated Global MBA for candidates with professional accountancy qualifications.

The cost of studying in this program depends on the particular cohort you belong to. While the Global MBA cost £31,000, the Finance Accelerated Global MBA cost £28,500 and the Global Executive MBA cost £41,500. However, you can pay these fees in instalments.

As one of the best online MBA programs in the UK, this program has a triple accreditation from AACSB International, AMBA and EQUIS and it ranks third in the UK for research power. To qualify for this program, you need to be a professional with up to three years of experience.

4. Edinburgh Business School – Online MBA

Edinburgh Business School is the Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. It is home to the world’s first distance learning Master of Business Administration and as such has provided more than 20 years of flexible and accessible online learning.


This school runs an open enrollment program. This means that the program is available on demand and you get to study at your own pace. It might take up to 18 months to complete the full program, but you can do so over a shorter or longer period.

Program Overview

In the Edinburgh Business School MBA, you would typically study nine courses. Seven of which are core courses and two electives. The program will equip you with insights into dynamic international business environments. You will also learn essential skills like critical thinking, strategic decision-making, complex problem-solving, negotiation, marketing, finance, and leadership.

Despite its online delivery method, the program offers an intersection of theory and practice, with courses oriented towards the exploration of real-life examples and case studies. It will cost about £11,070 to obtain this degree. However, there are scholarship options that you may be eligible for.

5. University of Liverpool Management School – Online MBA

The University of Liverpool has a management school which upholds its vision of “advancement of learning and ennoblement of life”. It is here that it hosts one of the best online MBA programs in the UK. The program ranks in the top 10 worldwide by the Financial Times’ Online MBA Ranking 2023. It also holds triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA.


The program is flexible and allows you to study at your own pace. It typically lasts for 30 months.

Program Overview

MBA at the University of Liverpool Management School exposes students to core management and leadership challenges. Some of these areas include designing and implementing strategy, using the power of data analysis, building and investing in teams, and innovating in processes, platforms, and culture.

Aside from the general courses, students also offer a range of specializations, including Football Industries MBA, work-based projects, and case studies on impressive career outcomes. Also, you can choose to dive into the rapidly developing field of data and analytics or investigate the ethical perspective of business decision-making.

The full tuition fee for the Online MBA program is £22,050, with a 10% discount available for University of Liverpool alumni. Additionally, international students may be eligible for Regional Scholarships of up to 15%. The program also offers an Executive Scholarship of 15% for specific intakes. Hence, providing financial support for eligible students.

6. Durham University Business School – Online MBA

This is the business faculty of Durham University, located in Durham, England. It was established in 1965, and it holds triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Also, the Financial Times Online ranks this program 8th in the world, 3rd in the UK, and 4th in Europe in its Online MBA Ranking 2023, making it one of the best online MBA programs in the UK.


The course is a 2-year part-time course that provides flexibility, allowing you to study fully online.

Program Overview

The structure of the curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business activity, including operations and innovation management, leadership, marketing, and international business. Business School costs £15,000 per year. However, there are available scholarship core modules and a list of optional modules for students to choose from.

Regardless of your location, an MBA at Durham Unips students for the job market. Also, the global spread of students, alumni, and faculty that provide financial support to students. Furthermore, the program thoroughly prepares students for virtual networking with individuals from diverse business sectors and locations.

7. University of Birmingham – Online MBA

The University of Birmingham is a public research university in Birmingham, England. Of the numerous programmes available in this school, an online MBA is one of them and it is designed for professionals with at least three years of management experience who seek career development.


The Online MBA program takes approximately 2.5 years to complete and is a 180-credit program, including a 60-credit dissertation.

Program Overview

The curriculum is split between twelve modules, covering core areas of business such as marketing, strategy, operations management, and accounting. Also, the program provides a flexible learning approach, allowing students to study entirely online. They can also take a hybrid approach, combining online learning with residential modules held in Durham.

Studying MBA online at the University of Birmingham costs a total tuition of £24,284. You can also pay £1,868 per module. The program’s accreditation, recognition, and positive student feedback make it one of the best online MBA programs in the UK and an attractive option if you wish to enhance your practical skills.

8. University of Aberdeen Business School – Global MBA

The University of Aberdeen has several schools, one of which is its international business school. With over 525 years of existence, no school comes close when it comes to experience. It is one of the top business schools in the UK with a rich history.


The Online MBA program can be completed in 12 or 24 months, offering flexibility to suit the needs of working professionals.

Program Overview

The curriculum provides a comprehensive insight into various aspects of business activity. Some of these include change management, strategy development, sales, and marketing. Also, the program delivery is flexible, 100% online, allowing students to manage their study hours to suit their needs.

This Global MBA provides a stimulating mix of lectures, tutorials, seminars, case studies, fieldwork, and business simulations. Additionally, this is further supported by online forums and more learning materials. The program focuses on the real needs of business and it develops students’ understanding of the knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s evermore challenging business world. It encourages students to challenge the way business is done and find new, more effective, and creative ways of doing it.

Studying in this program costs about £23,250. Nonetheless, it is among the best online MBA programs in the UK with a very flexible payment plan. The program allows students to pay for their courses on a term-by-term basis.

9. Aston University – Online MBA

Aston University offers an Online MBA program through its Aston Business School, which is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, placing it among the top 1% of business schools worldwide. Aside from its online option, the school also offer part-time and full-time options.


This program is a part-time distance learning format that lasts up to 2 years.

Program Overview

Like many others, this program is for professionals seeking to advance their careers. Its structure provides flexibility for students to balance work and personal commitments. The Aston Edge professional development program is integrated into the curriculum to enhance students’ skills and prepare them for the challenges of the business world.

The fees for this program may vary, but it may cost £18,400 for UK students and £19,750 for international/EU students. However, it also provides up to 20% scholarships for students who meet the criteria.

10. Bayes Business School – Global MBA Online

Formerly known as Cass Business School, Bayes Business School is a part of City, University of London. It offers a Global MBA program that is primarily online and designed for flexibility.


The Global MBA program has a duration of 24 months

Program Overview

The program is suitable for individuals who want to develop their leadership skills while balancing work and personal commitments. The structure of the program provides a blend of academic and practical perspectives. It also involves custom learning resources and interaction with Bayes faculty experts and peers in their online learning platform.

Furthermore, the program includes two experiential in-person modules held at the London campus. The Global MBA program reflects the pedagogic philosophy of Bayes Business School, which is an advanced, technically challenging, and integrated education to prepare business professionals and leaders to operate at decision-making levels. You can get this value at the fee of £32,000.


These best online MBA programs in the UK can help you move up in your career. The programs are like toolkits for success, offering the right skills and knowledge. They’re flexible, so you can study while you work. By picking the right program for you, you’re not just getting a degree; you’re opening doors to new opportunities and making your professional dreams a reality. Keep in mind that the fees for these programs are subject to change. Hence, you should confirm the current cost on the school website when you are ready to start.

In case the UK is not your preferred country of study, there are also accredited online programs in the U.S. and affordable online Degrees in Canada that you may want to explore. Keep in mind that these programs are not solely MBA programs, but may include courses in other fields.


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